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Jens Kirchhoff

watch afficionado

vintage computer collector

design friend

cuban cigar smoker

love skiing in the alps

hobby photagrapher and video fan since super 8 in the 70s


Be careful to bid on a running E-watch: Electromagnetic driven balances do not stop by themselves if the jewel dried out. Because any friction is compensated by additional force of the electrical control curcuit,  it is most likely, that balance-staffs are seriously damaged at pivot, unless they run strong. There may be allready an axial distance of the staff-ends to the covering jewels of the (inca-)blocks. This leads to the effect, that a tilting of the turning-axis to vertical may slow or stop the balance, because the rim of the thick part of the balance staff touches the jewel.


you want this standard work, which was auctioned for 122 Dollar at end of 2004 at ebay , for a reasonable price ?

new items are still available at:

ART und INDUSTRIE Bleibtreustrasse  40
Entry Mommsenstrasse
10623 Berlin-Charlottenburg
S-Bahn Savignyplatz
Tel: +49 (0)30 - 883 49 46
Fax: +49 (0)30 - 88 72 96 70
Mobile: 0171 230 80 08

Musee international d'horlogerie
Rue des Musees 29
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds
Tel. +41 (0)32 967 68 61

ebay: German Post service
If your German dealing partner is intending to send you a parcel, please let him know, that there is no insurance at all. He must send it as insured packet (Wertpaket) , which must be sealed:
let your partner read the german manual on the corresponding german page of this site.

If you receive a damaged parcel, you mast claim this with an instant report at your USPS or other service. Even if you discover a damage of the object inside the box at home, you must claim this as soon as possible with form CN24. Otherwise your sending partner or you get problems in getting indemnification/compensation

German “PACKSTATION” (public  paket station for automated delivery):
If you send pakets or small pakets or simalar to your German customer to an Adress like this: Name, Number, Packstation+Nr, ZIP, City, you might get it sent back with the remark (“Für Packstation nicht geeignet”). The following items may not be sent to Packstation:.)

  • letters
  • registrated, or else, which needs a personal receipt at office with identity card.
  • All mail from outside Germany (will be lead to customs-office in the city)
  • all mails from other services than DHL: (UPS, Hermes, FedEx, GdL, DPD, ....)

Please negotiate the correct shipping address with your german partner!


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