Jens Kirchhoff

watch afficionado

vintage computer collector

design friend

cuban cigar smoker

love skiing in the alps

hobby photagrapher and video fan since super 8 in the 70s

At first you find watches of the 70s, which became part of my collection sequently. The beginning of the story is the Kienzle life 2002, which was a donation of my parents at 14 years of age, because the Pulsar on the shop window of Wempe (jeweller in cologne) fascinated me so much (more than girls that time): A solid state wristwatch, ultra precise and self lighting digits. In opposit to the usual hand watches it was an object of the space, incredible. Even the price was incredible: 2000 DM for a watch. You got a little motorbike for that amount.

top: Kienzle life 2002. purchased 1972 at Kaufhof in Cologne ... 50 DM.

left: Pulsar LED-Uhr. First offered in solid yellow gold by Wempe ca. 1970.

Meanwhile I developed a huge attraction to computers. BASIC made us to junkies, in spite of the fact, that we did not have ideas of the mathematical functions of things like WANG 2000. For a “Moon landing” (vector beam graphics) on the DEC the knowlegde was sufficient, which let the player set on the moon surface at the zero-zero- landing coordinates, Mc Donalds was allready there....more to that look at www.c-c-g.de

The heritage of my grandfathers pocket chronometer watch is the reason for a further destiny: pocket watches and mechanical watches of high quality. Finally  Doensen’s book “Watches” fell into my hands when I ordered a cleaning of a jump-hour watch of the 70s at Braunschweig (Brunswick/ Germany .. near Hanover). The owner of the jewelry stated, that a collecter must have that book. And instantly the accident occured: The collectors virus infected me. Later I met a co-author  of Doensen, which is a Brunswick citizen too, really independent from the fact, that he personly recommendet the Brunswick jeweller to sell Doensens book.
Today he gives me valuable hints and information to all teh electrical and LED-watches.

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